Alright so this post might be my longest one yet. Sorry! but so many things have been happening in my life these past few weeks. Life changing things. So it’s time to update. There have been so many ups and downs in my life, things that have been opening my eyes to life. Some even manking me mature even faster. Heres my first question for you: What kinds of events in your life have made you grow up faster, more than you wanted to in that time period? What about since 2010 started?

Well this week is Spring Break for some of us college students. Many people are off traveling, while I am stuck in my apartment. With no car, since it is broken. Hopefully when summer starts I get to travel? or do something exciting and new!? Suggestions? I did get to go camping last weekend, which was so much fun, but did not last as long as I wished.

I do have some catching up to do with some assignments, so I firgured I would tackle those now since I have some time to relax and actually think. Well I  left off with key points or I guess I should call them reading notes since they are from my reading from Chapter 6, so here are 7s.

Chapter 7:

-Feature stories shoudl try to provide information to the customer by giving a background and context on an organization, perspective on the behind-the-scenes work, information on situations and events that could and will happen, and generating publicity.

-There are different kinds of features. They include: case studies, application stories, research studies, backgrounders, personality profiles, and historical pieces. The different parts of a feature include: headline, lead, body, summary, photos, and graphics.

– An “opposite the editorial page” or Op-Ed give information and views on different current news events, governmental policies that are being made, pending legislations and social issues.

-A published letter usually focuses on rebutting editorials, clearing up or clarifying information on anything that would appear in a news story, and any additions that would be added to any news story.


Here are some blog posts as well that pertain to blog topics for my class:

Week 4: The NewsU Cleaning Your Copy Lab was very particular in the different AP Style Writings that are required in many different PR writings. The final test in the lab was very challenging and you needed to pay close attention to what you changed in the sentences or added. It gave you the opportunity to really apply what the lab and the practice problems in the lab were trying to teach.

Week 6: I believe that if a story is audience appealing and contains information on something “bizarre” or out of the ordinary, beyond what is “regular” to the eyes and ears of the reader, then a story is considered news worthy. For example, the stories about the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. Those events were way beyond what anyone would ever imagine. Those situations are so heart wrenching, people wanted to know what happened and how they could help out. People are going to report on those events as soon as they happen so people know that someone needs help. Another example are the budget cuts for schools in Georgia. Schools are loosing many staff and teachers, a huge sum of their money they use to keep up schools, maybe even some majors, people can loose HOPE and so much more. Tuition for colleges are going to go up as well. People want to know about this, especially COLLEGE students, their parents, upcoming students, locals, and so on. These things are going to affect their future. Very news worthy! Both example that I have provided are definately news worthy. They are both of public concern, they evoke opinions out of people, and a solution needs to happen to both of the stories. A story that is news worthy takes the reader into the situation and appeals to their interest. News worhty stories do not have to be a bad or horrible situation either, they can be a happy and uplifting story, such as stories on people helping out charities or a story on someone who came from nothing and now has everything.

Week 7: Twitter for me was a new experience. I never used it before because I just did not understand the purpose of it. Making an account for it ended up being alright. I learned many things from other PR personnel and from my classmates. I felt it was still a little like updating a status on facebook though, but I guess it reaches a different crowd, the Twitter crowd. In the future, when I have an job in the real world, I feel like Twitter would be more beneficial to me, to promote whatever, get information out to people, and so on.

Week 8: The lead lab in NewsU helped out by explaining types of leads, some of which I have not even heard about. Some of the applications did not work on my laptop and the website kept freezing on me =/… do not know if that happened to anyone else or just to my laptop… but overall, I felt that the lab focused on the types, explaining what each type was and gave examples. I plan on applying this lab to other assignments in current and future classes and future assignments in the field.


Well, I feel like that is enough bloggin for now ha… but I will leave some words of wisdom. I was watching Oprah today and a fellow filippino, who is now the lead singer of Journey, was on. So with that said… Don’t Stop Believing =)


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