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Hello world!

January 31, 2010

Sorry this is so late! I was still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing. This is my first blog and I am a little slow at figuring things out, but it is finally up and ready for you all to read!

There are some blog posts that I need to catch up on.

First I will talk about the types of social media I belong to. Well now I belong to the blogging world, since this is my first blog. I have been participating in the world of “Facebooking.” I have had one since high school. When Myspace first came out, I had one, but I do not use that one anymore. I have stayed with Facebook because it has been the easiest form of social networking that I have belonged to and it is easy to understand. All my friends and family belong to it, so it is an accesible way to get in touch with them. Two years ago, I started up a Skype account when my sister was studying abroad and interning in Europe. I will admit I have not used it since then, but am considering to start it up again. I thought it was also an easy way to get in touch with people I have not seen in a long time and actually see their face and talk to them.

Week Two. I feel that a public is the audience that one is trying to get their attention. When it comes to selling a product or advertising it, I feel that the public are the people that want that product, the ones who are more likely to buy it, otherwise known as the target audience. I used to be a member of the sorority Kappa Delta, but unfortunately money stood in my way. I choose to part of this public because I felt that it was a group who did a lot for the community around the area and here at school. Kappa Delta has the most philanthropies than any other sorority. Their main focus is kids and helping them out. They also help Girl Scouts of America, which is also a public I used to participated in when I was younger. Those girls (Girl Scouts) are striving to be the best they can, being well-rounded to a variety of different activities. Another public I belong to is the student body of Georgia Southern University. We are all trying to get to one thing, which is a job. We are here to attend classes and hopefully to graduate.

Week Three. I feel that comments for a blog are very important. Comments either help you revise the things you said, give one another point of view on the things someone said, give more ideas on a topic at hand, a person might agree with you and they’re just adding on to what you said, and so on. There are many possiblities to blog commenting. I feel that blog comments help the person who is writing the blog write a more effective blog by making the one who wrote the blog sometimes re-read the things he/she has said and making corrections, changes, or letting them re-word the things that were said. To make an effective blog comment, I feel that you should write something about the thing you are commenting about (whether it is about the entire blog or a little snippet of the blog, it should be mentioned in the commen) in order for the blogger to know what you are commenting on. The comment should be insightful and not out of context. I feel that the comment should attack the blogger, but it should be an ethical comment whether you disagree or agree with what you are commenting on. I know that it is a “free” country and people are going to write what they want on comments, but those are the things that I feel should be criteria when commenting on blogs.